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Layout Blinds, Fieldfowl Field, waterfowl blinds, Pop Up Blinds, Boat Tarps, Custom Boat Covers, Floating BlindsFrom Canada to Mexico ducks and geese are hunted from brush-pile blinds that game birds have started to recognize as danger points. These brush-pile blinds have been built by hunters who think that if they pile up enough brush so they can't see out the birds won't be able to see in. This may be a false assumption. Many brush blinds are only partly enclosed at the top leaving the hunter in full view of the birds. The POP-UP boat blind helps to solve this problem, as well as many of the other headaches associated with permanent blinds.

Innovative Wildlife Specialties is featuring its three well-know Pop-Up™ blind models (Portable and Boat), plus the new Pop-Up Lay-Down blind, in the brand new Advantage® Wetlands Camo™, the official waterfowl camo of Ducks Unlimited®. New Advantage Wetlands provides a perfect match to marsh and stubble field terrain. Pop-Up blinds also are also available in Bill Jordan's original Advantage Camouflage® pattern.

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